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Star City Moscow - what to see inside
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Until recently, we would not have been able to find that tiny path from which the road to the exciting,
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More than five decades ago Yuri Gagarin (Jurij Gagarin) Research and Test Cosmonaut Training Centre was founded.
Though, its name, in fact, is quite modern. The inhabitants of the town, where the center spreads,
call it affectionately Zvezdny Gorodok – Star City in English.

Up to the 90s, the place was top-secret and could have been visited only if you had a special pass.
The location of Star City in Moscow was a secret. Geographic map didn’t have any information about this place,
signs on the road ‘kept quiet’ and didn’t tell the direction to the cosmonaut training centre.
But the legendary place starts slowly revealing its secrets.

From all over the world tourists visit this amazing place, where the majority of populations consists of cosmonauts, scientists, center’s employees, and their families. Take a Star City Tour during your trip to Russia – this is an experience you will remember, and certainly shouldn't miss!

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